Historical background

Apple is one of the oldest fruits in the world and is one of the most important falling trees in the growing fruit. The main areas of its cultivation are temperate areas. In Iran, cultivation of apple is of great importance due to diverse and suitable climate conditions. The apple, with the scientific name of: Malus domestica Borkh, is a grapefruit and subfamily, and is from the family of the Golsharkhan.

Major provinces which produce apple in Iran

Twenty four percent of the apple production belongs to western Ajarbayejan, which ranks 1st in Iran, then east Azarbayejan, Khorasan Razavi, Tehran, Isfahan, Fras and Ardabil, with the following percentages, respectively, make other major producers of apply in Iran, 13.3, 4.7, 7, 9.6, 10.8, and 4.5.

Target countries for exporting apple

Iraq, Pakistan, Torkmanestan, Afghanestan, United Arab Emirate, India, Saudi Arabia, Azarbayejan, Kazakhstan, and Bharain.

The amount of production

In Iran, every year there is about 3.41 million tons production of apple, which 28.5% of it belongs to west Azarbayejan.

Area under cultivated

Based on the statistical data of the year 2016 from the Ministry of Agriculture-Jihad, area under cultivation of apple in Iran was 249 million hectare, which 87.7 % of was devoted to fertile trees, and 12.3% of that was for the apple cultivar. From 217000 hectare under cultivation of apple trees, 99.67% of it was aquaculture and the rest was rain-fed.

World rank in apple production

Iran ranked 4th in terms of apple production after China, the United States and the Netherlands.


The Amount of Production: 3.41 million Tons (28.5 % in Azarbiyejan)

( 99.67% Rain-fed Per Ha) in the whole country and all provinces

Area Under Cultivation (Per Ha)

Fertile Trees

Fertile Cultivation of Apple trees (Per Ha)

249 Million


217000 Ha


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