Headquarter Set-up

MOAJ Headquarter Set-up

Minister's Domain

Ministerial Office

Office of Environment and Food Safety

Acting Minister for Parliament Affairs

Office of parliament Affairs

Office of Provincial Affairs

Security Center

Center of Public Relations and Information

Office of Inspection, Evaluation of Operation and Responding Complaints

Bureau of International Affairs and Specialized Organizations

Iran representative to FAO

Secretary for Coordination of Violation Proceeding Groups

Dept. Of Human Resources and Management

Center of Administrative Renovation and Change

General Directorate for Finance and Accountancy

General Directorate for Welfare and Logistics Affairs

General Directorate for Administrative Affairs

Office of Legal Affairs

Central Recruitment Panel

Cadre Central Recruitment

General Directorate for Revolutionary Forces

Dept. for Planning and Economic Affairs

Office for Risks and Crisis Management/Mitigation in Agriculture Sector

Office of Economic Affairs

Office for Planning and Budget

Center of Agro-Statistics and Information

Dept. of Water and Soil

Office of Water and Soil Affairs

Office of New Irrigation Systems Development

Dept. of Horticultural Affairs

Office of Tropical and Semi-tropical Fruits

Office of Temperate and Dried Fruits

Office of Greenhouses, Medicinal Plants and mushroom

Dept. of Agronomic Affairs

Office of Basic Grains and staples

Office of Fodder and Melon Crops

Office of Cotton, Oil-seeds and Medicinal Herbs

Center of Agro-mechanization Development

Dept. of Livestock Production

Office of Animal Nutrition and Stables Improvement

Office of Poultry and Bees

Center of Animal Breeding and Production Improvement

Trade and Industrial Promotion in Agriculture

Acting Minister in Trade and Industrial Promotion in Agriculture

Office of Commercial Rules and Regulations

Office of Planning for Supplying, Distribution

and Market Regulation

Office of Agro-processing Plants.

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