Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference in the Deputy for Planning and Economic Affairs:

  1. Studying, investigation and analysis on weak and strength, challenges, opportunities and priorities for agricultural, rural and nomadic development;
  2. Investigating on how to promote agriculture niche, rural/nomadic status in national Economy supported by setting viable interaction with other economic sectors;
  3. Conducting due analysis and need-assessment on national strategic agro-products in cooperation with other line Departments;
  4. Outlining the objectives and policies on agricultural, rural and nomadic enhancement as well as associated industries well in line with Ministerial/National mandates;
  5. Developing and enforcing needed information systems using the states of the arts of technologies and know-how for collection, classification, processing and exchange of intelligence/statistics amid ministerial partners;
  6. Designing and establishing strategic planning system for agriculture sector and rural/nomadic development and related industries followed by mobilizing provincial units towards preparing areal schemes;
  7. Preparing, integrating and monitoring on national/areal plans in cooperation with existing potentials and limitations and in close connection with line offices and authorities;
  8. Derivation of viable policies to access sustainable Food Security in a synergic contribution with other Ministries within the context of Rural/Nomadic and Agricultural Sustainable Development outlook;
  9. Conducting measures in favor of improvement and updating process of forecasting, preparation, approval, circulation and allocation of the budgets at various ministerial levels;
  10. Investigation on due measures and decisions needed for drawing and updating a dynamic system for allocation and distribution of national/areal resources/credits;
  11. Making policies and guidelines on entrepreneurial initiatives in the sector cooperated with departments/institutions concerned;
  12. Re-organization of the Investment Market and absorbing more capitals in the sector;
  13. Programming on absorption and dispatching bank credits to the approved plans and projects and defending them in bank institutions for further progression;

Planning on regulation of agro-markets and figuring out the guaranteed purchase prices to protect the sector’s practitioners and users cooperated with other stakeholders involved;

  1. Derivation of codes and conducts for allocating needed costs (local/foreign capitals) to producers/users involved and entitled in different rural/agri-businesses;
  2. Outlining protective/insurance policies and instructions on protective/insurance modules favoring producers, agro-businesses supported by due subsidies required in promotion of export trends and in compensation of natural disasters;
  3. Operating useful attempts in reinforcing and boosting agro-protection funds participated with all parties and in favor of investment promotion in agriculture sector;
  4. Derivation and execution of due strategies/perspectives for intensifying export of agro-products within the framework of National Integrated Export Promotion Initiative and pursuing related approvals, facilities and means for max. export of agro-commodities and associated industries or technical services;
  5. Working out and packing applicable plans and schemes for Territorial planning aiming at rural/nomadic and agricultural development;
  6. Insisting and following up on viable mechanisms to expand multi-lateral economic cooperation with other states by focusing on more export intervention;

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