Office for Planning, Budgets and Economic Studies:

-Studying, appraisal and compiling small, medium and long terms schedules and their budgets in veterinary sector;

- Studying, investigation and summing up data/info in favor of rational defending on proposed plans, projects and their budgets;

- Studying and investigation on total-cost and added-value in proposed plans and projects;

- Studying, investigation and supervision on proposed operational plans and projects’ processes accompanied by complementary instructions favoring higher productivity and performance;

- Studying and investigation on needed strategic policies for all operational plans and projects;

- Policy-making, planning and supervision on executive plans and projects well coordinated and tailor-made at national veterinary scale;

5. - Policy-making, supervision and following up further investment and entrepreneurship in veterinary sector;

- Studying, investigation and evaluation of executive plans and projects and their processes followed by due analytical/comparative documentation and reporting;

- Collaboration in holding scientific conferences in veterinary sector;

- Collaboration in planning and operation of applied-research projects in veterinary;

- Cooperation and sharing in formulation of strategies for combating unforeseen events/crisis supported by due financial mechanisms

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