Supervision on Public Health and Foodstuff

Office for Supervision on Public Health and Foodstuff

- Studying and researching, policy-making, circulating and monitoring on health/quarantine and bio-safety codes and conducts in pastures, rangelands, troughs, stables, slaughter-house, plants and other premises used for animal raising and processing;

- Studying and policy-making on needed strategic plans for controlling residues (drugs, hormones, fungi metabolites, radio-nuclides, dioxins, bi-chlorophenils, poisons, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) in animal commodities;

- Investigation and analysis on due policies in formulation and inaction of strategic Crisis Management and Rapid Reaction Systems in tackling with the risks threatening animal health , feeds and related products at national scale;

- Studying, formulation, implementation and supervision of strategic inspection and quality control systems on hygienic animal feed and commodities over the entire supply chain;

- Studying, policy-making and compiling the codes and conducts on production and raising lab animals;

- Formulation and supervision on technical guidelines for ensuring animal welfare/rights and production of organic commodities with emphasis on Islamic/Iranian values and culture;

- Studying and planning on identification and determination of national animal pools followed by issuance of due health certificates;

- Studying, researching, compiling and implementing needed standards for veterinary residues rates;

- Derivation and enforcement of inspection normative for quality control on meat production process in slaughter-houses;

- Studying and adopting technical tools and equipments for diagnosis and QC processes of animal products;

11 - Studying, figuring and implementing needed applied-research projects in development of bio-safety, QC, and surveillance on supply chain process of animal products;

- Studying, introduction and execution of training courses for enforcing bio-safety, QC, and surveillance codes on animal production processes in public/private veterinary sectors;

- Collaboration and sharing with legal/real persons in execution of health/quarantine and bio-safety measures;

- Investigation, policy-making, planning and monitoring on organization of rural, occasional and religious slaughters;

- Investigation, formulation and circulation of health/quarantine instructions for rural animal farms;

- Collaboration in formulation of national standards on animal feeds, products, stables and related processing plants;

- Partnership in holding technical gathering at national, regional and int’l scales;

- Cooperation in execution of Islamic codes and conducts in slaughtering and fishing procedures.
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