Public Relations

Office for Public Relations, Int’l Affairs and Specialized Agencies

Terms of reference

- - Outlining the strategies, policies and planning for int’l cooperation with int’l/regional specialized agencies dealing with veterinary business;

- - Investigation, collection and exchanging techno-scientific know-how with int’l/regional and national agencies on veterinary intervention;

- - Formulation of operational codes and conducts in int’l and specialized agencies affairs;

- - Cooperation and synergy on veterinary matters with ministerial Bureau of Int’l Affairs;

- - Collaboration in derivation of rules & regulations, legal Bills and demands in the field of veterinary issues;

- - Investigation and analysis on int’l/regional agencies/forums to meet IVO needs both in operation and education;

- - Planning on convention of int’l meetings, workshops and seminars;

- - Conducting imperative attempts/formalities for attendance of foreign invitees/professionals in national technical events and the same for Iranian dignitaries/experts to take part in overseas occasions;

- - Follow ups in execution of joint protocols, MoUs, Agreements concluded with foreign counterparts within the national acts frameworks;

- - Collaboration in drafting and approval of int’l laws and guidelines on livestock hygiene in contribution with the World Animal Health Org., FAO, APHCA, WHO, Mediterranean OIE, ECO, Codex Alimentarious, etc.

- Cooperation with research and training centers for execution of int’l projects and activities;

- Cooperation and seeking for IVO membership in relevant int’l/regional agencies;

- Preparation and reporting the diseases incidence and joint projects’ performance to int’l/regional stakeholders concerned;

- Forwarding due measures in line with govt policies for reflection of veterinary information;

- Making required coordination and interaction with mass media for reflection of the IVO operation and performance at national/provincial levels;

- Taking action to respond and resolve existing vagueness via sound information on veterinary issues and events;

- Adoption of effective measures to create sound and constructive relations amid the IVO staff via convening regular internal meetings;

- Collection of public/private ideas or suggestions for further assessment and incorporation into the IVO management and operation;

- Monitoring and supervision on IVO publications/hand outs;

- Making due coordination in holding respective ceremonies and occasions in the IVO.

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