Infogram on Technical Deputies of the IVO

Dr. Alireza Rafiepour, Head of the IVO 

1. Office for Health and Management of Livestock Diseases

Studying, policy-making, planning and formulating strategic projects for straggling and surveillance on livestock diseases with preference given to risky and common diseases of human and animal followed by monitoring, evaluation and analysis on their processes;

2. Policy-making on Import/Export, Distribution and Registration of Various Drugs , Serums and Poisons

- Studying and derivation of codes and conducts;

- Establishment of the National Registration Network for drugs and biologic products;

3. Office of Health and Management of Poultry, Honey-bee and Silk-worm Diseases

Studying and investigation on the factors involves in out–break of poultry, honey–bee and silk–worm diseases accompanied by risk–analysis, surveillance and combating endeavors;

4. National Center for Identification of Reference Labs and Strategic Studies

Confirmation and diagnosis of livestock, poultry and aquatic diseases followed by derivation of national standards on microbials, positive/negative controls, anti-genes, anti-bodies as well as drugs/biologics standards for the Center and relevant veterinary labs;

5. Office for Health and Management of Aquatic Diseases

Studying, policy–making and compiling strategic plans for combating aquatic diseases accompanied by supervision and follow-up on their execution;

6. Office for Risk Studies and Analysis of Foodstuff, Drug and Biologic Products

Studying, policy–making and planning for substitution of more proper methodologies or reduction of varying drugs application, biologic materials, serums, anti-bacterial, poisons, feed additives, enzymes, probiotics and others which may pose risky impacts;

7. Office for Supervision on Public Health and Foodstuff

Studying, policy-making and formulating strategic plans for controlling residues of drugs , hormones , heavy metals and other chemicals in animal products followed by quality inspection of meat;

8. Office for Quarantine and Bio-safety

Programming, surveillance and operating instructions and codes of health/quarantine and bio-safety normative on import/export as well as transportation of livestock and animal products;

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