Conservation agriculture

Operational settings and structure for Conservation Farming:

There arranged specific mechanisms for leading Conservation Farming within the Ministerial premise as under:

- Supreme Body at MOAJ headquarter level composed of:

· Minister of Agriculture-Jahad (Head)

· Deputy for Agronomy (Secretary)

· Deputy for Horticulture

· Deputy for Planning & Economic Affairs

· Deputy for Water & Soil

· Deputy for Human Resource Development and Parliament Affairs

· Deputy Minister and Head of Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO)

· Deputy Minister and Head of Forests, Rangelands and Watershed Management Organization (FRWO)

· Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture

· Managing Director of the Agro- supportive Service Co.

· Managing Director of the Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC)

· Managing Director of the Plant Protection Organization (PPO)

- National Body at Ministerial level

Technical Committee at Ministerial level-

- Technical Committee at provincial level (led by provincial offices of the MOAJ)

- Technical Committee at district level (led by district offices of the MOAJ)

Commitments and responsibilities.

Conservation Farming initiative becomes operational under direct supervision of the Supreme Ministerial/National set-ups. The Ministerial body will adopt policy requirements in developing agro-techs accompanied by internal/external coordination with concerned institutions. The National body is to formulate needed projects/activities and the codes and conducts favoring promotion of the initiative.

Technical body shall executes plans and projects, revises the codes and regulations, articulates needed machinery and equipments and their qualified manufacturers/suppliers, raises funds/allocations for projects in different provinces followed by monitoring and evaluation of performance and outcomes.

Key Strategies outlined in Conservation Farming:

1. Minimizing soil disturbance;

2. Permanent coverage of plant residue on soil;

3. Farming Rotation;

FAO statement on Conservation Farming:

The idea is implemented upon targeting certain objectives to exercise higher management on water, soil and biologic components plus other inputs added to the farms.
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