Agronomic Produces

Terms of Reference:

· Outlining policies /strategies for agronomic products under the general mandates of the Ministry:

· Detection and prioritization of key agronomic crops within the low, medium and long–terms frameworks of the Dept;

· Planning and deciding on leveraging productivity index of farming elements/inputs followed by introducing proper farming patterns in compliance with varying cultivation capacities and climatic features;

· Formulation and circulation of applicable codes and conducts for improved quality and increased export of agronomic commodities followed by monitoring on their sound implementation;

· Investigation, identification and prioritization of research/training needs and forwarding them to relevant offices for action;

· Estimation of all required imputes, machinery, tools and equipments followed by due procurement and distribution via affiliated offices/agencies;

· Coordination and supervision on execution of basic plans in agronomic production under critical socio economic conditions and varying climates;

· Mobilizing mechanization development initiatives in favor of greater performance and in view to prevailing status ;

· Foreseeing and estimating quantity and supplying times of agronomic crops, added by evaluating the lacks or surplus products;

· Forwarding proposals on agro-crops market’s regulation and tracing the results;

· Analysis and detection of comparative advantages of agronomic commodities supported by impressive incentives/ motivates in production and supplying processes;

· Identification of needs and priorities for investment in agronomic Dept followed by due suggestions on raising resources for implication in the sector;

· Cooperation and coordination with affiliated offices for derivation of extension policies;

· Continuous investigation on challenges/opportunities associated to agronomic farming in various places followed by due technical remedial advices;

· Setting needed coordination with related offices in combating pests, diseases and weeds;

· Monitoring and evaluation of plans/projects linked to agronomic plantation;

· Participation in preparing agreements on approved credits under developmental schedules and further follow ups on their sound and effective implication in the Dept.;

· Prioritization of insurance coverage, subsidies and guaranteed purchase of agronomic crops for wider protection and coordination;

· Accessing to viable info/statistical systems in agronomic sub-sector for rendering informative consultancy services to practitioners, activists and investors concerned;

· Assessing agronomic plots in order to rehabilitate and survive them for development;

· Collaboration in detection and registration of certified seeds specifications of varying places and climates ;

· Coordination with private firms for on–time cultivation, provision and distribution of needed certified seeds / inputs in different provinces;

· Collaboration in formulating legal guidelines for export/import of seeds and other growing parts followed by due surveillance on their sound and effective implication ;

· Establishing scientific/technical ties with research/academic centers and institutions in favor of agronomic scopes and operation;

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