General policis


General polices in the Dept. of Livestock/Poultry Production:

ü Conservation of the national genetic pools and breeding of the livestock and poultry;

ü Improvement of livestock population by substitution of the low-yield animal by high-yield ones;

ü Reformation of managerial structure of raising farms;

ü Improvement of stables, facilities and equipments in the farms;

ü Protection and enhancement of the existing investments in favor of higher productivity of the active farms and mobilizing the stagnated premises;

ü Upgrading conventional feeds and urging for new forage resources e.g. plant/industrial residues;

ü Planning for supplying needed feedstuffs from the local resources;

ü Promotion of domestic know-how and technology in feed processing plants and associated machinery via innovative initiatives or imports preferably by private sector;

ü Following up on fund raising, bank credits, insurance and other protective services;


ü Selection, breeding and generating the best of genes in livestock/poultry population across the nation.

Core Commitments:

v Breeding and raising of livestock, poultry, bees and silk-worm aiming to higher quality and productivity;

v Establishment of Sample Dairy Industry and Incubation Plants supported by needed measures for improved dairy and poultry products;

v Creation of Sample Farms for extension of modern livestock/poultry farming;

v Conducting due research on new animal farming business and transferring the findings in tackling with challenges and bottlenecks encountered by practitioners;

Terms of References in the Livestock Dept. :

ü Conducting needed analysis on collected and identified national requirements to animal protein as well as livestock resources status/population for outlining short, medium and medium run schedules in the sub-sector;

ü Studying and detecting the short-coming, opportunities and threats traced in the sub-sector and in return, making sound and effective policy/strategy within the agricultural statutory framework;

ü Formulation of national plans on protection and enrichment of livestock genetic resources followed by improvement of animal production and extension of the scope at areal scales;

ü Planning and prioritizing the establishment of related farms, units and companies throughout the sub-sector and supervision on their operation and performance;

ü Investigation and assessment on needed research/training activities in various fields and circulating the result to affiliated offices on preferential order;

ü Cooperating with concerned depts. for compiling needed extension policies/campaigns in the sub-sector;

ü Programming and implementing developmental measures in animal farming businesses plus protection of genetic pools, job-security and opportunities for practitioners involved and incorporation of the states of the arts of technology and know-how in fostering, feeding and breeding processes ;

ü Investigating and identifying the comparative advantages in animal products and enforcing motivative codes and conducts in quality production and supplying stages;

ü Detection of basic requirements for prioritized investment in the sub-sector followed by setting suggestions for raising needed funds/inputs for the purpose;

ü Foreseeing the quantity and times of animal production and supply to estimate deficiency or surplus of the yield;

ü Forwarding precise advices on Market Regulation of livestock commodities and monitoring the consequences achieved;

Investigation and prioritization of insurance coverage, subsidies re-imbursement and guaranteed purchasing of sub-sector products in close coordination with relevant authorities and in favor of producers protection;

ü Enforcing data/statistical systems in the sub-sector for further dissemination of needed info and advices to applicants and investors;

ü Estimation of the core inputs, biologics, tools and equipments for due supplying and distribution;

ü Planning and surveillance on sound and effective implementation of Animal Farming System and inserting imperative amendments;

ü Organization and advocation of the related business networks within the ministerial mandatory context and affiliated authorities preference;

ü Monitoring and evaluation of all plans and actions being launched in the sub-sector based on circulated codes and conducts;

ü Preparing and enforcing rules and regulations geared to quality production and quantitative rise of export capacity of livestock commodities supported by observance on their sound operation;

ü Planning and decision-making on surveying and introduction of new sources of animal feedstuffs supported by due supervision on their formulation, consumption, import/export and gains;

ü Searching and establishing reliable ties and interactions with int’l specialized agencies and streamlining new knowledge and skills into the sub-sector;

ü Collaboration and exchange of technical intelligence with related depts. on expansion of key processing plants in the livestock’s field;

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